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BZ-021- Slightly purple yellow roll orange red

Slightly purple yellow roller orange seven-brick standard brick pattern metal carved board using environmentally friendly raw materials (such as the inner polyurethane layer and the inner insulation layer of refrigerators and air conditioners are the same material), non-toxic, no peculiar smell, no pollution, giving green protection and decoration to the building.

1.Good thermal insulation performance, can greatly reduce heating and cooling energy consumption, save energy expenditure

2. Fireproof and flame retardant, triple protection, non-toxic gas generation

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof, avoid structural damage caused by rain, snow, freezing, thawing, etc., and remove the possibility of water seepage on the wall after installation

4. Thermal insulation and sound insulation layer, sound insulation and noise reduction, the interior is an independent closed bubble structure, with good sound insulation effect

5. Fast construction, cost saving, simple and fast installation, not limited by seasonal climate and geographical environment

6. Environmental protection and durability, no pollution, with stable chemical and physical structure, will not decompose mildew

7. Earthquake and crack resistance, light weight, high strength, good impact resistance, reduce the burden of the building itself

8. Strong decoration, the combination of real relief patterns and rich colors gives architectural design more space to play

9. There are many varieties of decors, including more than 100 varieties such as brick pattern, stone pattern, marbling pattern, etc., and more than 50 kinds of colors for you to choose

10. Wide range of application fields, old building renovation, indoor and outdoor decoration, all kinds of new buildings, can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, decorative panels

11. Long service life, outer aluminum-zinc plated steel plate, no need to consider rust or falling off and other problems.

12. Good cost performance, the cost of the board project is one-third of the cost of the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall project, and the decorative effect is excellent.

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Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in sales: production and sales of monitoring equipment, auto maintenance equipment, paint spraying and baking equipment, industrial coating equipment, environmental protection materials, thermal insulation materials, composite materials, automotive accessories, environmental protection technology research and development, services, Promotion and utilization; environmental assessment and information consulting services; environmental supervision services; environmental engineering design; design, construction, sales, operation and management of environmental governance facilities.



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light steel villas, activity room sentry boxes, steel structure workshops, green wooden houses, container houses, environmental protection toilets, substation rooms, old building renovation, interior decoration, etc