Company Profile

Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the Environmental Protection Technology Industry Association of Zhangqiu District, Jinan City. A leading company of environmental protection manufacturing established by micro-enterprises.

Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. takes scientific and technological innovation and collaborative leadership as its purpose, responds to the government's call for environmental protection and energy conservation, and explores the research and development of new environmentally friendly materials. Gradually establish a complete industrial system integrating technology research and development, material collection, product production and marketing.

Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the core values of "integrity, humility, innovation and dedication", takes "quality and service" as the development fulcrum, takes "simple, efficient and healthy" as the management idea, and adopts pragmatic incentive policies And continuous innovation and change to fully expand the company's development space.

Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in sales: production and sales of monitoring equipment, auto maintenance equipment, paint spraying and baking equipment, industrial coating equipment, environmental protection materials, thermal insulation materials, composite materials, automotive accessories, environmental protection technology research and development, services, Promotion and utilization; environmental assessment and information consulting services; environmental supervision services; environmental engineering design; design, construction, sales, operation and management of environmental governance facilities.

Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will follow the path of scientific and technological innovation in the future development path, promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise, strive to create a brand company, and strive to create a "high-end products, market globalization, technology modernization, Standardized management, lightweight assets" brand.

The main mission of Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is to "connect with the big market outside and connect with small, medium and micro enterprises". The association promotes and implements product standards, eliminates malicious competition among peers, unifies the prices of mainstream products, changes the chaotic situation of market product prices, rationally arranges and plans market management, and continues to develop in a healthy and beneficial way. It is strictly forbidden to drive up product prices privately, causing market disorder, meager profits or unsalable products, revitalizing the entire upstream and downstream industrial chains of the environmental protection industry, and laying a solid foundation for meeting national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards. Going to the correct path of orderly and rational development as soon as possible will lead to the birth of more large-scale environmental protection enterprises and completely change the entire survival status of Zhangqiu's environmental protection industry.

In addition, it can give full play to the core role of leading enterprises in terms of collaboration leadership, product radiation, technical training, knowledge output and marketing network, and drive more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to develop in the direction of scale, clustering, specialization, and high-end. At the same time, improve the growth planning of small, medium and micro enterprises, and support the development of leading enterprises. Encourage small, medium and micro enterprises in the field of supporting industries to implement mergers and acquisitions, and promote professional and large-scale transformation. Support leading enterprises to strengthen information exchange and collaboration with small, medium and micro enterprises through professional division of labor, service outsourcing, order production, etc., to create a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of products.