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BZ-001- Yellow elastic paint print

Product category: Elastic coating metal carved board

Bullet-coated metal carved board

Product category: Elastic coating metal carved board

Surface layer: aluminum-zinc plated color steel

Sandwich layer: rigid foamed polyurethane

Bottom layer: aluminum foil anti-corrosion layer

Board width: 383mm

Board thickness: 16mm/25mm

Board length: Support customized production between 2- 6 meters for easy transportation

Installation: Hidden nail type female buckle assembly method

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Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in sales: production and sales of monitoring equipment, auto maintenance equipment, paint spraying and baking equipment, industrial coating equipment, environmental protection materials, thermal insulation materials, composite materials, automotive accessories, environmental protection technology research and development, services, Promotion and utilization; environmental assessment and information consulting services; environmental supervision services; environmental engineering design; design, construction, sales, operation and management of environmental governance facilities.



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light steel villas, activity room sentry boxes, steel structure workshops, green wooden houses, container houses, environmental protection toilets, substation rooms, old building renovation, interior decoration, etc