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BZ-001- Ancient wall ash roll orange red

Standard brick pattern-ancient wall gray metal carved board has light weight, high strength and good impact resistance. Its light weight not only reduces the burden on the building itself, but also greatly reduces the impact of earthquakes on the building. The plate is installed on the building of light steel structure, which has strong integrity, seismic and crack resistance, strong and safe.

Product Specifications:Product brand: Shandong Qigong
Product classification: marked brick pattern metal carved board
Dimensions: width 38 cm, thickness 1.6 cm
Customizable: Yes
Fire rating: Class B
Flower color: ancient wall gray, ancient wall ash roller orange red, ancient wall gray roller mesh red, etc

Application fields: It is not only suitable for the thermal insulation decoration of the exterior walls of newly built brick-concrete structures, frame structures, steel structures, light rooms and other types of buildings, but also for the decoration energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration.


Company Profile

After years of efforts, our products of Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd have been sold to all provinces, cities and regions of China. In recent years, our products of Shandong Qigong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd have been exported to Korea, Malaysia, Africa, Russia, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. We have more than 10 sets of advanced CNC equipment which to make the wall panels .Automatic production makes the product quality stability, high production efficiency. Different patterns and colors to meet the different needs of customers. Excellent product quality has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad.



Packaging and shipping


Packing:Carton packaging + Packaging belt

(1) Board cabinet size: It is generally required to be 5.8m for 20 foot cabinet, According to the needs of customers, the total length of 40 foot cabinet is less than 11.8 meters (2) Loading information: The size and specification of the 20 foot small cabinet is about 5.898 × 2.352 × 2.385m, and the assembly level is about 1300(excluding spare parts space) 40 large cabinet (high cabinet): 12.032 × 2.352 × 2.69M, about 3300 flat (excluding spare parts space)



Application fields:

light steel villas, activity room sentry boxes, steel structure workshops, green wooden houses, container houses, environmental protection toilets, substation rooms, old building renovation, interior decoration, etc