What are the characteristics of metal decorative insulation board

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1. Integration of decoration and heat insulation:

The material has the functions of decoration and heat preservation at the same time. In appearance, by embossing and baking the alloy steel plate, it can form various artistic decoration effects such as mahogany grain, cultural stone, marble, mosaic, etc.;

Metal carved panels combined with polyurethane thermal insulation layer can effectively solve the problem of single function of traditional decoration materials. The temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than that of ordinary buildings, and it only takes about 5-8 years to recover the cost of materials for the cost of building air conditioning and refrigeration;

2. Finished product installation:

Finished materials, minimize on-site processing, easier and faster installation, can effectively reduce installation costs, speed up construction progress, and shorten construction period;

Effectively eliminate the uncertainty brought by the working environment and workers, ensure excellent and stable quality; overcome the decorative quality problems caused by traditional materials such as auxiliary materials, worker operations, and base layers: such as cracking of paint, shedding of tiles, etc.

3. Weather resistance and durability:

The top coat of the metal engraving board is made of high weather-resistant polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint, which is coated on the base alloy steel plate by baking paint process, and the surface layer forms a dense quaternary crystal layer, which can effectively avoid the cracking and peeling off of ordinary coatings;

The metal carved board has strong self-cleaning property, ensuring a beautiful appearance at all times, and it will not fade after 10-15 years of outdoor use; the base steel plate is made of aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance and has a service life of more than 45 years.