How to master the bonding strength of metal carved panels

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Metal carved board has good decorative appearance, good effect, fire and moisture resistance, and no deformation. If the bonding strength of the board is not suitable, then the outer wall board may bulge or fall off. Let me introduce the board below. Ways to grasp the bonding strength:

1. The correct solution is to train the on-site quality inspection personnel. On the basis of understanding the structure of the insulation layer, they must be clear about the characteristics of various materials and on-site testing methods.

2. Control the bonding area during construction, and do not add too much water to the bonding material used.

3. When performing interface treatment on the base surface of the site wall, bonding and rivet reinforcement shall be adopted for the protection measures in areas with high positive and negative wind pressure, and the bonding area shall be increased as much as possible. The time of bonding materials shall be tested and compared. room for on-site inspections.

4. When preparing materials for metal carved panels, the bonding strength requirements for external wall insulation should be fully considered, which requires that it has good self-adhesion to metal, concrete, masonry, wood, glass and other building materials. connection performance.

5. Adhesive strength:

Strength is an important mechanical property of the flower board. Its size directly determines the wind pressure resistance, impact resistance, strain resistance and the ability to carry the total weight of the exterior wall finish system. , direct performance indicators.

Everyone must grasp the bonding strength of the metal carved board, so as to ensure the function and performance of the board, because the board itself has a long service life, low cost, and concept, so it is chosen by many users, and the utilization rate is also very high. .