Metal carved board product features

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1. Keep beautiful for a long time
Over 50 years without change in performance Sheet life:
Color life: 6-12 years of high temperature baking without discoloration Fixed life: Dense steel nails fixed, never fall off
In the production process of the metal carved board, the superior weather-resistant "silicon acrylic paint" and "acrylic urethane paint" are used, and ultraviolet absorbers and light stabilizers are added to the weather-resistant resin to make the board durable for a long time. Aesthetic effect, thereby reducing maintenance costs such as repainting and refurbishment. It can be washed by rainwater, sprayed with water pipes to remove dust, and wiped with light soap solution to remove scale.
2. Sound insulation performance of metal carved panels

The sound insulation performance of metal carved panels is comparable to that of double windows in buildings. It can greatly reduce the noise of airplanes, trams, highways, etc., as well as the noise generated in various residential environments. Especially the 250-1000hz audio, which is the most sensitive to the human ear, can give full play to its excellent performance and create a comfortable living environment.
3. Flame retardant properties of metal carved panels

Metal carved panels have excellent flame retardant properties. And it will not burst, fall off and crack due to fire, it is a standard fire-resistant material. Has reached the flame retardant standard, will not produce harmful gas and a lot of smoke, and effectively prevent the spread of fire